Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take it From the Guinea Pig

Hello my friends. I have found blogging to be a self-revealing experience, giving stage to my multifaceted personality. I especially like looking back to see who I was on any particular blogging day. I'm either the "Creative Spirit", with the need to plug into creative projects in order to keep me sane and life interesting. Or I'm the "life coach". That's the side of me who dispenses advice, whether you listen or not. At times I'm also the "Beauty Queen", imparting beauty advice whether you like/need it or not. And finally (so far), I am the self-healing, organic Whole Foods hustler. That's the hat I'm wearing for this occasion.

Today I want address this dreaded flu season and what I do about it. I am not a pill taker so most of my remedies or dietary supplements are in liquid form or tiny pellets. Please note that
there are conditions in which you wouldn't want to hype up your immune system, such as illnesses presumably caused by an overactive immune system called "autoimmune diseases." Also please follow the package directions at all times.

First order of importance is PREVENTION:

  • Of course, washing your hands constantly is #1. It's also not enough to have a hand sanitizer in your purse. You have to use it for it to work. On my holiday cruise, to help keep illness "at bay", not only were there hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance of all facilities where people gathered, there was also a staff member standing at the restaurant entrances pumping it when you walked in and walked out. I know dispensers are more of a common theme in many stores and office buildings, but there is something about paying a person to stand there making sure you use it that hits home.
  • During flu season, start adding some drops of Astragalus, a liquid dietary supplement, into your water, teas and juices. Amongst other things Astragalus is used to protect and support the immune system, for preventing colds and upper respiratory infections.

If you do come down with a cold or flu:

  • Super Lysine in liquid form is the one to take. It's a complex of Echinacea and shiitake extracts. Both powerful system strength boosters, but what makes this one special is that it has Lysine. So if you are prone to getting cold sores, the Lysine is there to help suppress them. Genius isn't it! Please note that this one also contains goldenseal, which can be troublesome for those who are allergic to rag weed. In this case use the herbal remedy on it's own. Two weeks is the maximum time you should take Echinacea. So save it for when you need it.
  • Of course you should also drink lots of liquids, organic preferably. Kick it up a notch by mixing in a packet Emergen-C.
  • One remedy that's on the top of my list is, ready for this one, Oscillococcinum by Boiron. (Try saying that three times fast.) This Homeopathic medicine comes as tiny pellets taken sublingually and is a MUST for any time you start feeling weak and fluish.
  • The last of my artillery of remedies is a new discovery on my end. Sovereign Silver. It's another immune support liquid dietary supplement. What's great about this one is that it also comes as a nasal spray. For me it's nothing short of a miracle for sinus infections. If the antibiotics don't work, spray one to two pumps in each nostril as soon as you feel the familiar ache and before you know it your feeling your old self again!

All these products are found at Whole Foods (of course). You can also look up your oun remedies in the health book I consider to be my health bible, Prescription for Nutritional Healing. To find out more specifics on these products click on their names and it will take you to the links. Please know that I'm not a doctor or trained specialist, but only the genie pig. So, see your doctor when you feel the necessity. Until a cure is found for the common cold or flu there is not much they could do but treat the symptoms. These products treat the body! As for your mind… Well let's leave that for when I'm wearing a different hat.

Stay well!

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