Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Common Goals

As I once again contemplate the end of a year and what it all means, I'm observing my life as a "package". It has been a year of change. My 14 yr old graduated from middle school and began high school. My 10 yr old is finally one of the "big boys" at school being that it's his last year in elementary and I returned to school and got certified in web development. Having crossed over from print design to web, I decided to put my home design business aside and work out of the house at GLC in Northbrook, IL. I'm discovering that GLC has a great group of clients who are also evolving from print to online products. A perfect fit for me! My husband is as wonderful and supportive as ever and open to new challenges. 

Our house is also part of this life "package". As our family continues to morph into our ever changing lives, I've found that our living space has to morph along with us. It's time to rethink the space and look at it as if we are moving in to it all over again with our current needs in mind. It's time to refocus our lives as well as our businesses and reshape the space to make us more productive. Whether it's our personal/family life or our businesses, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to straighten our brand. 

I've always had a good sense about what's wrong with this picture. Especially when it comes to issues other than my own. This year it's time to take look at my life "package" from the outside looking in and ask: 

1. What's come up this year that's doesn't seem to fit anymore? 
2. What's the best way to address this, given our current circumstance. 
3. What's the cost and how much will I loose if I wait? 
4. Once I take the leap, what will I gain? 
5. Will I be happy? 

Isn't that the REAL goal? HAPPINESS. I know exactly what I'm going to do at our house! We should all take that look at our life "package", our brand, our businesses, and move forward, investing in our common goal. 

Have a "Happy", Happy New Year!

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