Sunday, October 10, 2010

Celebrating in Style!

Well, I did it. It took 8 months of planning and lots of shopping. But the day finally came and went. My 50th birthday party in NY!

It's hard to predict the factors in life that will stir and motivate you into action until you cross its path. Recently, for me, it was my 50th birthday. No matter what anyone says it is a big deal. In my opinion, having lived ½ a decade, grants me a pass to voice my thoughts on life, love and angels. (As if I've needed a reason.) How liberating is that!

Deciding where I wanted to be and with whom was first on my agenda. So sharing this day with family, childhood friends and the friends made in those first career building years in NYC, was a no-brainer. 50 years was reason enough to celebrate my first boyfriends, my first jobs, and all those wonderful, amazing people that have a share in all my life's first endeavors. From playing red light green light on the streets of Brooklyn, to receiving my hairdressers license from Sarah J Hale Vocational High School. Which lead me to my first eye-opening career, working at Colette Hair Design, on the Upper East Side. All the while continuing my education at School of Visual Arts and moving into my first apartment on 13th street between A & B, on the Lower East Side. Upon graduating with a BFA, I went on to the graphic design industry with a focus on printed publications. Yes "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Ugly Betty" both resinate with me!

So many memories in, what seems, such a short time. I have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I am happy where I am today. I have a wonderfully, understand husband, 2 beautiful adopted boys and I'm owner of my own company, small as it may be, IC Design Studio LTD. I think, in order to keep momentum, it's key to tackle life's' challenges as soon as they arise.

Now, as I reflect on that special nights celebration, I am moved to tears and feel truly blessed to have been surrounded and still have such loving angels in my life. One of the most important life lessons I've found is to always surround myself with pure, honest and loving people. Weed out the bad energy and keep in touch with those that have helped me along the way. For these are your angels on earth.

As I stand on this 50 year mountaintop (or hill top. Keep in mind that it's not over the hill), I have a beautiful view of the fairies and angels that have been and are still with me. I know they will always be there! For this I thank God and the Universe.

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