Sunday, September 6, 2009

If Not Now, WHEN?

There are special times in life that make us take stock of who we are and what impact we have made on this earth. Like on our birthdays, when we've just rounded out another decade in our lives and the birth or death of a loved one.

In that spirit, I ran across a most profound Zen question while scanning through Eckhart Tolle's book The power of Now, if not now, WHEN? It especially resonates now, with the death of two of my childhood icons. Farrah Fawcett, whom every girl in the late 70s wanted to look like. I was a hairdresser in NY at the height of Charlie's Angels. I can't tell you how many women brought in a picture of Farrah and wanted their hair to look exactly like hers. Michael Jackson was another influence in my life. I have to admit having had a crush on Michael when I was a little girl. I would dream of being serenaded by him to the tune of "I'll be there". I've also been touched by the recent death of a friend's father, not to mention Ted Kennedy's passing. On a happier note, my niece will soon give birth to a baby boy making my sister a first time grandma and me and my other sisters grand aunts.

So what is the lesson here?

If Not Now, WHEN? What are we waiting for to invest the time and attention to those areas in our lives we feel are lacking. Whatever it may be, whether it's starting that ever promised diet or committing to that class that just might set us on track. Commit is the key word here. It presents us with the opportunity to fail. Who wants that? Let's just live our "safe" lives never taking a chance, never tasting a bit of excitement or adventure. Let's never have stories to tell about interesting events that are bound to come out of such possible life changing endeavors. Let's never teach our children how to turn our dreams into realities and how to learn from our mistakes, how to create the opportunity to fail.

So whenever you find yourself saying, "Some day I really should do________." Finish the thought with the question, if not now, when?

Make the decision that starting right now you will set the wheels in motion. It may be a phone call or a little research on Google that can quickly bring in some results. Little by little see yourself taking the next step closer to your goals. You can even spice it up by challenging yourself to multiple goals. It's not always the end result that's important. It's the road to get there that encourages opportunity. The end result may be altogether different. So don't wait and let life happen to you. Take the bull by the horns and steer it. Use it as your mantra and repeat it every day. If not now, when?

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